About Me

I'm Jim Aderhold and this is my welding blog.

I stumbled into welding while searching for a new hobby that was fun, creative and as far from my day-to-day job responsibilities as possible. I've always had an interest in welding and metal working, but until the summer of 2010 had not pursued it. The turning point came when, on a lark, I purchased a blow torch - a Victor oxyacetylene cutting/welding setup to be more specific.  I went to the Northern Tool and Supply store to purchase garden tools, so you can imagine my wife's surprise when I returned with the torch.

It was immediately rewarding.  I had great fun cutting, bending and welding random pieces of  metal that I picked up at the scrap yard. I even loved the the trip to the scrap yard. You never know what creative piece is just waiting to be rescued from the next pile down.

I was hooked.  What I thought was going to be a slow moving hobby had grown legs.  I have since invested in a stick welder, plasma cutter, chop saw, grinders, benders, air compressors and numerous other tools.  I have really enjoyed working with steel.  There is something therapeutic about cutting a think steel plate with a torch or plasma cutter, then welding and crafting it into something new.  It combines creativity, logic, and requires skill to do right.  I'm still VERY much a BEGINNER.  Tasks that would be simple for a professional can take me hours of trial an error, but for me that's the fun of it.  Occasionally I experience a "eureka" moment and see dramatic improvement in one area or another.

I set this blog up to share my experiences with others, use as a yard stick to measure my own progress and hopefully get advice, feedback and even critiques from those of you more experienced welders out there. 

While I am thoroughly enjoying my new found hobby it is not my full time career. As an entrepreneur and small business owner I make my living in the Internet development and marketing field.  I currently am a Partner in a San Antonio, Texas based interactive agency call Gray Web Technology + Design.  You can learn more about the company by visiting the Gray Web Technology website and more about me and my technology thoughts on my technology blog.  You can see more pictures of my welding, business and me personally on my Picasa account.  Reach out to me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Please don't be bashful! Share your ideas, feedback and critique.

Hope you find my welding blog useful, entertaining or at least a good example of what not to do!